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We Produce and export nepalese and indian finish leather and leather goods.

United Leathers is one of the sister companies of the United Tanneries Group, established in 1995 under the leadership of Mr. Parwez Akhtar and posses more than 30 Years of active working experience in the field of Tanning and export of Leather and Leather Products.

Business ethics.

We adore our creations. And we strive to give its fair share to each participant in the value chain of our products.

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We deliver quality skin and leather goods in the hands of our European partners and create the next collection with them. We are integrating the need of our customers to our product permanently. And we drive on the basis on Continuous Improvement. Over 30 years puting our love in our craft and skills. Our products speak of Tradition, Quality and Commitment.

Our customers

We have established strong connections with customers all over the world, with the strength of timely supplies and right quality of the merchandise. The customers of our products are spread over China, Hong Kong, Italy, Turkey, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Portugal, and Spain. And are regularly supplying fine quality Finished Leathers to our customers in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Italy, Turkey & India.


United Tanneries is located in Eastern Nepal producing high quality Wet Blue hides/skins, Crust Leather & Finished Leathers in all sizes suitable for Shoes, Furniture/Upholstery, Garments, Bag Leathers, Leather Goods. At present, the company is exporting about 90% of their produce and the remaining is sold for the local manufacturers of shoes & leather products within Nepal.

The supporting Tannery is located in Kanpur-India where a variety of finished leather is produced.

The belt, wallet and laptop bags manufacturing facility is also located in India.

Today's Telegram is our brand for Leather bags, handbags, backpacks and accessories in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Today's Telegram - Kathmandu. Nepal

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