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Our Himalayan leather speaks of tradition, quality and it grows vintage with time.
Your brand (or your design), and our best leather. Your creativity, and the care for details we put into each single piece.

Leather bags

We produce leather for bags, usually Laptop bags, duffle bag and handbags. The thickness of the bag leather typically ranges from 1.2/1.4, 1.4/1.6mm in variety of color.
We also design and produce our own bags, selling in Nepal and in India and Europe. We opened Today's Telegram, an exclusive store in Kathmandu, attracting locals and visitors.


Our Bags

Leather belts and strap for leather belts

We provide high-end products to some of the biggest fashion industry in Europe. We are making variety of Full Grain/Split finished leather for Belts. We produce straps for leather belts as well as leather belts as per customer’s requirement.
We have different thickness range from 3.0/3.5/3.8mm.


Belt elegant

Leather for Safety shoes

We produce Barton print (grain and split), Crazy Horse & Nubuck for Safety shoes.

We can offer Wet Blue, Crust and Finished Leathers for the purpose of Industrial, Safety and Military shoes. From the overall selections, about 25% can be good for Full Grain purpose or Nubuck Leather, about 50% can be used for Corrected Grains and balance can be used for Heavy Printed Leathers.

Leather for shoes

For Shoes, we offer Wet Blue, Crust and Finished Leathers depending on the requirement of customers.
We also offer Goatskin Wet Blue for Grain Upper, Suede and Lining purpose for Shoes. Generally, the Upper grading is classified into three categories A/B/C (20/40/40). This grading helps the importing company to decide on the purpose and finish they will be able to get the best utilization value.

Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes

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It'simple. We act to build lasting relationships. It's the way our goods are created and how we conduct each deal.